BOA Summer Camp 2019

       SUMMER IS HERE.  dON'T worry...WE'RE READY!          


             boa sUMMER caMP IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!                    


What's New At Camp?

  • New state of the art classroom building!
  • New play area including 2 new play structures and green space!
  • STEAM Afternoon Camp! (science, technology, engineering, art and math)
  • Afternoon organized sport and game activities!
  • Organized field trips and amazing assemblies!
  • Extended care for all campers at no additional cost!
  • Daily lunch is included in camp fees!

Morning Academic Program                                                          

This program is for students entering grades 1st-5th in the fall of 2019. The goal of our summer school program is to keep concepts strong while teaching above and beyond to extend student learning in a fun and engaging curriculum.


                               Afternoon STEAM Camp                                      (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)Camp designed with kids in mind!





Program Description (Grade Level in Fall 2019)

Cubs (Rising 1st Graders)

Reading Program:  The Superkids Summer Camp curriculum offers a comprehensive review of the reading and writing skills acquired throughout kindergarten as well as enrichment opportunities that will keep our participants excited and ready to enter their first grade language arts programs with confidence. Children will develop their skills as strategic readers through a variety of activities designed to strengthen comprehension.

Math Program:  Our math skills program will sharpen grade level math concepts and beyond. The math summer curriculum offers a variety of practice and hands-on activities that will build upon the foundational mathematic skills acquired during kindergarten. Participants will enjoy developing  their number sense in a variety of ways including working with place value, money, telling time and computation.

Writing Program: First grade students will concentrate on creative writing, with an emphasis on forming strong sentences.  They will learn brainstorming using a web as a pre-writing activity.  Students will write about different subjects related the to reading program.  

Bears (Rising 2nd & 3rd Graders)

Reading Program: Students will focus on various topics in high interest readers from Houghton Mifflin Summer Success and After the Bell reading programs.  Students will continue developing skills such as making connections, reading fluency, making predictions, asking questions while reading and comprehension.  We will further explore topics using videos, books and hands-on activities. 

Math Program:  Using Houghton Mifflin's Summer Success Math program, students will sharpen their grade level math skills and beyond.  Each day students will warm up with daily math practice and then reinforce concepts with videos and games.  Topics include multi-digit addition, multi-digit subtraction, problem solving, money, telling time, geometry, fractions, graphing, place value and multiplication.  

Writing Program: Each session, writing topics will be integrated into the reading theme.  Students will write individual assignments to enrich and expand their writing skills and ability.  Each session will include creative and directed writing. 

Grizzlies (Rising 4th & 5th Graders)

Reading Program:   The 4th and 5th grade students will read a variety of literature.  The texts will be read for detail and understanding main ideas and various literary elements.  Students will continue to build foundational reading skills, improve comprehension and create projects as a culminating reading activity.  

Math Program:  Our math curriculum will sharpen grade level math concepts and beyond.  Hand-on practice, word problems, real world application and computation concepts are practiced on a daily basis with an emphasis placed on speed and accuracy.  Introduction to algebraic concepts will be covered in this program.  

Writing Program: Students will concentrate on creative writing and formal writing structure with an emphasis on multiple paragraph essay and report writing.  Students will work on one writing project per session which focuses on a specific element of writing and incorporates the seven traits of writing.  This will help students build confidence in their skills as a writer.  

Themes by Session

Inventor's Workshop (June 17th-June 28th)

Have you ever had a really great idea? Are you a problem solver? This camp might be for you! At the inventor’s workshop, campers will have the opportunity to test products, identify problems and improve current designs. Or, they can invent something totally new! Working together and sometimes individually, campers will innovate products, objects, and games. This camp focuses children’s creative energy and problem solving skills and channels it into engineering real life solutions. Bring your great ideas to the inventor’s workshop this summer!

Crazy Carnival! (July 8th- July 19th)

Active and creative types will love this session, focused on carnivals. Not only will we test our physical ability with acrobatics and movement activities on our new playground, we will create and learn about carnival games and engineer some new ones of our own. Campers will have tons of fun preparing for our carnival showcase at the end of the session.

Mission: Space (July 22nd - August 2nd)

Space is known as the final frontier. Come learn a little more about the vastness of space at this astronaut camp! Campers will learn to train like an astronaut with physical activities while exploring space and new planets with our STEAM activities. In this session campers will also be participating in several ongoing NASA citizen science experiments that help compare life on Earth to life in space.

California Gold Rush - Westward Ho! (August 5th- August 16th)

The year is 1848, and gold has been found at Sutter’s Mill! Transport yourself back to life in early California. What did people eat? ...learn? ... do for fun? How was life different than today? We will immerse ourselves in the California of 1849 in this camp; from crafts and games to keeping journals and trying pioneer foods! Come to this session to learn how early settlers lived in the land of plenty that we call home.

Nano Days (August 19th-August 23rd)

How small is a nano? You may be surprised how important nano is to your life, from products you use every day to medicine that helps you get better when you’re sick. In this session, campers will explore nano sized things in nature, technology, engineering, and medicine. We will explore how life is very different when you are very small. Using engaging experiments, crafts and games, we will learn just how neat a nano is.

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