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Growing Minds and Hearts

Our multicultural student body is a snapshot of our world. We recognize and celebrate the many cultures of our students and share diversity through our traditions, holidays and experiences. Our school is truly a home away from home. We nurture students throughout the school day and after hours with extended care options and a variety of after-school co-curricular activities.

Visual Arts

Art in Action at Belmont Oaks Academy

Art in Action is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fostering the educational development and creativity of children through innovative visual arts programs. The Art in Action Program provides an engaging, hands-on curriculum that teaches art history, art appreciation, and art techniques. The rich and diverse Art in Action lessons encourage students to observe more closely, consider more carefully, and express themselves with confidence.

Art in Action at Belmont Oaks Academy is taught entirely by parent volunteers. Each classroom has a parent volunteer who is a Lead Docent, responsible for coordinating the program with the teacher and scheduling lessons. Other parent volunteers from the classroom serve as docents and assistants for the individual lessons.

No previous art experience or talent is required to participate in this program. Free training is provided and detailed on-line lesson guides are available. Art in Action is a great way to get involved in your child’s classroom, learn a little bit about art, and also earn your volunteer hours!

Pre-K Introduction to Fine Arts

Merry Moppet’s own, teacher created fine arts Curriculum is unique to our school! Our Pre-K students will learn about six famous artists, where they lived, and the medium each artist used to create his or her artwork. Each student will recreate a similar masterpiece of their own and the program culminates in an art show. Our Pre-K students help their teachers transform their classroom into an art museum and families are invited to a viewing of the students own masterpieces. Priceless!