Growing Minds and Hearts

Our multicultural student body is a snapshot of our world. We recognize and celebrate the many cultures of our students and share diversity through our traditions, holidays and experiences. Our school is truly a home away from home. We nurture students throughout the school day and after hours with extended care options and a variety of after-school co-curricular activities.

Who We Are

At Belmont Oaks Academy and Merry Moppet Preschool, we believe in the importance of building a strong foundation for each child’s future success."

Our Mission

We strive to provide a safe and challenging learning environment that engages creative development with independent thinking, while promoting self-discipline, self-esteem, consideration and respect for others.


Our Philosophy

To deliver a balanced curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence and social and emotional development while striving to create a lifelong love of learning.


Our Values

Deeply rooted in our school's philosophy of educating the young child, our five core values guide our faculty and students through the learning process.

Active Learners

are lifelong learners that...

  • Participate in learning and persevere through challenges
  • Try hard every day to do their best
  • Work together to learn and grow

Confident Communicators

are effective communicators that...

  • Use words to express feelings and needs
  • Listen to others and take turns when talking
  • Speak in a way that shows respect for others

Open-Minded Individuals

are accepting individuals that...

  • Try to be friendly to everyone and accept others' differences
  • Try new experiences
  • Learn to work as part of a team

Responsible Citizens

are accountable citizens that...

  • Do what is expected at school and home
  • Accept the consequences of their actions
  • Work and play cooperatively with others

Nurturing Students

are compassionate students that...

  • Care for all living things and our environment
  • Show empathy by considering how another person may feel
  • Show kindness by helping others