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Learning Adventures in First Grade

February has been a blast in Ms. McLaughlin’s first grade class! The class celebrated important people in their black history curriculum and biography reports. Their 3rd grade buddies invited them to see their Native American reports. The first graders learned about the Native American culture in California. The class also made Art in Action clay animals and reflected on all they have learned this year during the hundredth day of school.

Valentine's Treats and Lunar Celebration

What a fast and fabulous start to February! Ms. Brandi’s 3’s class has been busy working on festive art projects to decorate the classroom, celebrating in the Merry Moppet Lunar New Year parade with noise makers and a special dragon costume. They visited upper class students and had a blast! For Valentine’s Day, they made yummy chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles - their favorite sweet treat yet. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ“ 

Fifth Grade Lunar New Year Celebration

Mrs. Allen’s fifth grade students recently enjoyed a lively and colorful Lunar New Year celebration. The students watched videos to learn about the origin of the holiday, traditional foods that are eaten, and activities and traditions enjoyed by people who celebrate in many countries. They made large, beautiful paper dragon puppets to represent the Year of the Dragon. The class is very grateful to the parents who shared their traditions, helped decorate the classroom, prepared craft activities, and gifted the students mandarin oranges and lucky red envelopes with chocolate coins inside. It was a wonderful celebration!

Kindergarten Learning and Celebrations

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, Mrs. Burkett & Mrs. LaFauci’s kindergarten class has been extremely busy with learning and celebrations!

The class went on their second field trip to see the play, The Rainbow Fish. This story is about being kind and making friends, which went right along with this month’s Kindness theme.

The class also started practicing their songs and dance moves for our annual Spring Sing extravaganza in March.

The students watched in anticipation to see if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not on Ground Hog’s day and celebrated Black History month. The students learned how African Americans have contributed to the greatness of our country. We also celebrated and learned about our great leaders of the past, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

The class had another great Art In Action lesson thanks to our parent volunteers and an amazing lesson and project to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The children were so excited once they realized the lanterns they made, actually lite up. And if all that wasn’t enough fun, the class also celebrated Valentine’s day and our 100th day of school. Phew! What a fantastic month it has been so far.

Pre-K Acts of Kindness

This week in Mrs. Collins' Pre-K class, we spread kindness throughout our community. The children painted bright and colorful rocks and Mrs. Khoury and Ms. Hamdun brought them down to our neighbors at the Ivy Park adult living facility in Belmont. We spread them throughout the outside garden area where the residents can enjoy the bright inspirational rocks. Our class hopes that our act of kindness warms their hearts! ๐Ÿ’œ When you reach out to the community you never know who you might meet? In fact, we met Sarah who works at Ivy Park. In sharing with Sarah that the children who painted the rocks were students from Merry Moppet Preschool, she shared a fun fact with us as well. Sarah's Great Grandfather, Dr. Faribairn had worked as a children's physician at the Charles Howard Foundation, a sanatorium in Belmont for poor children stricken with tuberculosis and rheumatic fever. The hospital was established in 1929 and located in what is currently our main Belmont Oaks building! Our Foundress, Janet Graetz, purchased the property the mid 1950's. At the time of purchase, Dr. Fairbairn was practicing family medicine here in the main building. Dr. Fairbairn was well known and loved in the Belmont community and continued working here at 2200 Carlmont Drive until his retirement.

Second Grade is Spreading Positivity and Kindness

Ms. Knudson and Ms. Bianchi’s Second Grade class are spreading positivity and kindness across campus this month! They are striving to complete their class Kindness Challenge Board, along with their own personal Kindness Checklist.

The students were excited to take part in the Lunar New Year festivities with our parent volunteers! The students made colorful dragons, played fun games, and learned how to say and write new words. They received many special goodies, including red envelopes for good fortune and tasty treats!

In honor of Black History Month, our class learned more about black history heroes who had a great influence amongst many people. They read facts about each hero and then completed a Fact Wheel based on their hero.

The students are excited to show their appreciation and love for their classmates, teachers, family, and community this Valentine’s Day! We have discussed that love is unique to everyone, and that each person may show it differently. The students completed colorful, vibrant artwork, multiplication math quilts, and writings around the theme of Valentine's/love. We hope this Valentine’s brings joy to all of you! โค๏ธ

A Celebration Full of Culture

Lunar New Year is a celebration of a hopeful transition from the cold winter and a season of renewal. In Belmont Oaks Academy's 4th grade class, had a student-led presentation with a slide show, a few crafts and of course the beloved red envelope. ๐Ÿงงโค๏ธ The class made lanterns with the character, "Spring" cut out and puppet dragons. The class presenters were fabulous. The students had a wonderful celebration full of culture!