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Second Grade Turkey in Disguise Project

During the month of November, Ms. Wheeler’s 2nd grade students were working hard on a special project that coincides with a storybook called Turkey in Disguise. The assignment was to create a disguise to keep their turkey from being eaten on Thanksgiving Day.  

Using any household items and different types of materials, the students disguised their paper turkey pattern as something else like a bunny, soccer player, elf, clown, etc.  

First, students planned their turkey disguise by writing as many adjectives or descriptive words in a circle map. Next, students used planning pages to write down details about their turkey’s name, age, and the disguise they came up with. Then, the students explained why their disguise was good for keeping their turkey safe. Last, students listed the materials used and why they chose them. 

After disguising their turkey, students explained step-by-step in a sequential order how they crafted their turkey’s disguise.  

The students slyly turned in their projects to the teacher without posting their name on the front. Students did a silent vote for 1st - 3rd prize and most creative. After the voting was complete the students each shared which turkey they made and how they disguised it. 

Students wrapped this project up by presenting their turkey and written information in front of the class. 


After School Science Lab

In after school science lab, the students explored physics and motion with the creation of marble roller coasters. The students taped together portions of a foam track and added paper tubes to supplement their coasters. They spent after school science lab experimenting with the marble rolling, the speed and angle needed to make certain motions happen.

Spanish at BOA!

In Spanish class, the kindergarteners have learned that corn (maíz) likely originated in Mexico!. In one activity of our corn unit students have a lot of fun practicing the numbers 1-10 by counting maíz dulce (candy corn)! A hands-on activity like this offers students an opportunity to authentically use language concepts!

First graders can ask and answer questions in Spanish about their name, their age, and where they live! Students proudly demonstrate their new language skills in a fun “merry go round” activity.  Each time the bell rings students find a new partner to converse with!

Literacy development is important in the world language classroom! We had a great time reading David Shannon’s David Va al Colegio in second grade. It gave us a chance to discuss classroom behavior expectations, learn commands and instructions, and articulate important school rules (Reglas Importantes de la Escuela). Students created their own “David”, included a list of school rules that resonated with them, and even labeled David’s body parts.