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Proven Excellence

There is something special that you can see in the children's faces as they arrive at school.  It takes a minute to figure out what it is, but once you know, you will wonder how you ever missed it.
It is the joy that students and families experience while being a part of our community.  It is the fact that children like coming to school here.  It is the novel idea that learning is fun.  

Families continue to choose our school today knowing that we provide a safe and challenging learning environment for their children to explore, learn and grow. As we continually uphold the principles we were founded on, we are looking forward to the future, equipping each generation that passes through our doors with the self-discipline, self-esteem and consideration for others that will take them far in life. 

"The faculty and staff are dedicated to education. MMBOA provides an experience that makes students enthusiastic about learning."  -3rd grade parent