Computer Science

Our technology program provides our students with the tools they need to be 21st century learners."
The technology skills students gain now will forever give them an edge when it comes to communication and creativity. The quality of the educational software that is available to children in primary school is at an all time high. Whether it's typing programs or multimedia presentation software, these skills will forever give them the upper hand in a competitive technology based world. From kindergarten on up through fifth grade, the children will gain a variety of technology skills:
  • Typing
  • Research
  • Design
  • Word Processing
  • Presentation software
  • Public Speaking
  • Publishing


Our students (K-5) will be able to explore the limitless world of computing using’s computer science fundamentals curriculum. The four courses are designed to blend online, self-guided, and self-paced tutorials. The inclusion of “unplugged” activities are also a great way to learn and require no computer at all.

Course 1:

  • Early-readers
  • Sequences
  • Loops and events
  • Meaningful collaboration with others
  • Internet safety

Course 2:

  • Beginner readers
  • Conditionals
  • Algorithms
  • Binary code
  • Debugging
  • Societal impacts of computing

Course 3:

  • Problem decomposition
  • Functions
  • Nested loops and conditionals
  • Digital citizenship
  • Internet transmission methods

Course 4:

  • Algorithmic problem solving
  • Abstraction
  • Variables
  • For Loops
  • Functions with Parameters
  • Binary code

iPad Program (3rd, 4th & 5th Grades)

Our third, fourth and fifth grade students have full integration of the iPads across the curriculum. The program enhances our rich upper school curriculum by allowing students to expand their learning. Students use their iPads for note taking, presentations, project based learning and research based learning across all subjects. Students use the online portal eBackpack to submit assignments and communicate with teachers. In addition they attend technology class two days a week to support and strengthen their use of applications and assignment enrichment.

The goal of our technology program is to be forward thinking in our learning and to enhance our program through a variety of mediums. Our iPad program allows every student fluidity, mobility and unrestricted creativity to access information and to maximize their potential. The program allows each student to individualize their learning through the iPad.