Our Independent School Advantage

Together Belmont Oaks Academy and Merry Moppet Preschool form an independent private school.

We know you have many educational options for your child, so why choose Belmont Oaks Academy and Merry Moppet Preschool?

There are many advantages to an independent school.

Independent schools allow for a flexible and creative curriculum that is not mandated by the State.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, we develop our curriculum around tried and true methods of learning. We continually develop and enrich our curriculum based on the needs of students, not trendy mandates by the state.

Independent schools give you a choice. You can choose a school that reflects the educational needs and values for your family.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, we believe in educating the whole child:academically, socially and emotionally.

Your child can progress faster.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, our small student to teacher ratio allows for individual support and attention during the learning process.

Your child won't be lost in the crowd.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, our students often say that our school is like a home away from home. Our teachers know your child's strengths and areas for growth. The nurturing student/teacher relationship allows for each child to challenge him/herself to take risks while engaging in the learning process. Every mistake is a valuable learning opportunity.

Your child is encouraged to participate and has several opportunities to develop his/her skill sets.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, collaboration and effective communication is vital during the learning process. Your child will have ample opportunity to develop in these critical areas as they journey through our educational continuum beginning in our preschool.

Your child will thrive in a nurturing and challenging environment.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, we strive to provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment that engages creative development with independent thinking, while promoting self-discipline, self-esteem, consideration and respect for others.

Independent School teachers are committed to the school's mission and philosophy.

At Belmont Oaks Academy, we have exceptional teacher retention. Our teachers remain with us an average of 15 years. We even have staff members who were students at our school! When new positions open, we conduct national searches to find teachers who will fit with our educational values and philosophy of teaching.

Independent Schools are responsive

At Belmont Oaks Academy, we believe that we are "better together" when working to achieve our common goals. Our administration and teachers practice an open door policy and value working with our families. We value insight and feedback from all members of our community. Our door is always open!