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Beyond BOA

Each year our students are accepted into top middle schools throughout the Peninsula. Our well rounded graduates (socially, emotionally and academically) make them a standout among other candidates.

The Class of 2022 Middle School Acceptances

Castilleja schooL

menlo School 

Crystal Springs Uplands School 

Woodside Priory School 

The Girls' Middle School 

Woodland school

Keys School 


Peninsula School for Boys 

Silicon valley International SChool 

Notre Dame Elementary School 

St. Dunstan's Catholic School 

Belmont Redwood Shores MIddle Schools 

Bowditch Middle School 

Tierra Linda middle school

The Class of 2021 Middle School Acceptances

Menlo School

Crystal Spring Uplands school

Castilleja school

Scared Heart schools, atherton

The Girls' Middle School 

Woodland school

the Nueva school

Keys School 

Synapse school

Wornick Jewish Day School 

Episcopal Day School 

Pinewood school

Ralston middle school

Tierra Linda middle school


Middle School Placement

Over the years, our school has developed and maintained strong relationships with independent, parochial and public middle schools throughout the Peninsula. Our reputation with the various schools is exceptional as each year our alumni pave the way for our future graduates because of the strong foundation they received at our school. BOA students are well-rounded students with a passion for learning. Often, admission directors will comment how they recognize a "BOA Student" within the first few minutes of a campus visit due to their confident communication skills. Whether you plan on sending your child to an independent middle school, parochial school or public school your child will be prepared with a strong foundation for future success.


Middle School Process

At the start of the 5th grade year, our elementary principal and 5th grade teacher support the students and families during the middle school application process. The principal encourages families to schedule a meeting to discuss the various middle schools and "best fit" options. Throughout the process, our principal and 4th/5th grade teachers provide recommendations and promote each student at his or her schools of choice.


"We are impressed by the small class size, caring and experienced teachers and staff, strong academics, social emotional learning, outstanding middle school advancement planning and support." -5th grade parent